Pregnancy & Post Natal Physiotherapy

Pregnancy can often cause joint related pain & soft tissue pain. Due to the increased release of hormones, the body’s ligaments ‘loosen’ to allow delivery of the baby through the pelvic floor.  However a side effect of this process is decreased support and stablity, which in turn can lead to pain. 
Our Physiotherapists are skilled in the assessment & treatment of common ailments that you may encounter while pregnant and post-natally including neck & upper back pain, lower back pain, Sacroiliac joint pain, symphysis pubis discomfort and sciatica.
Treatment usually involves a combination of manual therapy (joint mobilisations, soft tissue release etc) and rehabilitation to alleviate your symptoms. Our Pregnancy Physio Pilates Classes and Mum & Baby Pilates Classes are a great way to rehabilitate & strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, lower abdominal muscles and deep lumbar stability muscles.
At Blackpool Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we now have a specially designed pregnancy treatment bed which allows you to comfortably lie on your front while you receive your Physiotherapy treatment or massage.  The bed has a special cut-out for your bump, with an adjustable cloth sling to support you which means that you can comfortably lie on your front for what could be the first time in months. This position allows us to treat your lower back and sacroiliac joints much more effectively.
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