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 Class Timetable January 2016
  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
9.30-10.30       Clinical/ Refomer Pilates







Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
1pm - 2pm  


  Lunchtime Pilates -
  Mixed Levels 


3.30-4.30pm     Clinical/ Refomer Pilates  
4-5pm Clinical/ Refomer Pilates      

6pm - 7pm 

  Pilates -

Intermediate/ Advanced 

Pilates -Beginners


Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
7.00 - 8.00pm
Pilates - Antenatal


Pilates - Improvers   
Clinical/ Refomer Pilates
 8.00- 9.00pm
Pilates - Beginners
 Next 6 Week series begins  the week 4 January 2015  (fee €90). A deposit of €50 is required to guarantee your place.

 (If you would like to join but have missed the start date then we can arrange One2One Pilates for you to catch up) 
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Class Descriptions
Pilates – Beginners (Matwork)
This is the foundation course for all our Pilates classes. It is suitable for those who are new to Pilates and for anyone who has low back pain, neck pain or recent surgery/injury. It introduces the core principles of Pilates and Pilates movements which are modified to a sufficient level to suit beginners of all ages and abilities. You will increase muslce strength and flexibilty, correct your posture, and create body awareness. Each class contains a mixture of mobility, strength and flexibility movements for training lumbo-pelvic, scapulo-thoracic and cervical stabilisation.
Simply wear comfortable clothing, socks and bring some water. Mats & all small equipment are provided.
Pilates – Improvers (Matwork)
This class introduces more challenging Pilates Matwork exercises to further improve your core strength and targets the abdominals, thighs, buttocks and upper limbs.  You will build on the core foundation & Pilates principles you have learned in your Beginners class. Small equipment is used to challenge you further. This level is open to those who have completed the Matwork Beginner Class or those who have previous Pilates experience. A good indication that you are ready to progress is the ability to maintain spinal neutral in double table top position and a fluid controlled roll-up.
 Pilates Mats, Spikey Balls, Pilates Magic Rings & Foam Rollers are provided.
Pilates - Intermediate/Advanced (Matwork)
This class is quite challenging and an excellent way to achieve a full body work out while still working on the main Pilates principles of alignment, posture, control and breathing. You will need to have completed a 6 week block of the improver level class before joining the advanced class. 
Lunchtime Pilates – All Levels
A multi-level Restorative Pilates class. This class is taught with different modifications of Pilates exercises so all levels of experience are welcome.  Small equipment such as the Pilates Ring, Resistance band, Spikey Balls, and Foam Rollers are used in this class. Relaxation and stretching are incorporated so you can enjoy your Lunchtime break! 
Pregnancy (Antenatal) Pilates 
This class targets the core stability muscles to help support your lower back and pelvis during your pregnancy. We also work the Pelvic Floor muscles which are very important during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.  Benefits of Pilates during pregnancy include improved posture and comfort, increased strength and flexibility in all the right areas, reduced incidence of low back pain and pelvic girdle pain, and improved relaxation and breathing. Prepare yourself for a gentle, yet effective class.
Please consult with your Midwife, G.P or Consultant prior to attending. Please bring one pillow with you, everything else is provided.
Postnatal Pilates 
Our Post Natal Pilates Physiotherapist will guide you through the Pilates exercises and help you recover your body and your core again. Pilates Post Natally is an ideal way to gently retrain and strengthen the core muscles of your body and your Pelvic Floor muscles after having your baby. A One2One Pilates session  is strongly advised prior to joining this class so that you can be individually assessed for Diastasis Recti (separation of the abdominal muscles), pelvic girdle weakness, and shown how to safely practice Pilates. 
We recommend you wait 6 weeks after normal delivery and 8 weeks after Caesarian section before joining the group class. You may begin your One2One session as early as you feel ready.
Small Group Classes
Small group classes can be organised and can be ideal for work places and small groups to accomodate for time, ability and level of those involved.
Please contact reception (0852802877) to find out more information.
Reformer Classes
The classes are smaller (maximum 4 people) and are led by a suitably trained Chartered Physiotherapist. The majority of the class is performed on equipment such as Reformer and Trapeze Tables. One to one session is required before joining the class to ensure identification of underlying sporting/musulcoskeletal injuries/issues, familiarisation with the equipment and the exercise technique. 
 All Classes are taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist
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